Two of Maestro Gorbik’s students graduate from the Peter I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory

The Graduation Examinations at the Moscow State Conservatory are now complete. Associate Professor Vladimir Gorbik’s students Maxim Solovyov and Konstantsiya Shootova were graduated as Orchestral and Choral Conductors. The Music of the Continents team congratulates Maestro Gorbik!


Associate Professor Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gorbik's graduated students Konstantsiya Shootova and Maxim Solovyov conduct the Moscow Conservatory Student Choir.

In recent years, these notable students have graduated from the Faculty of Symphonic and Choral Conducting under Associate Professor, Maestro Vladimir Gorbik: Maxim Solovyov, Konstantsiya Shutova, Egor Cherkashin, and Evgeny Rubtsov.

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