Vladimir Gorbik's Curriculum Vitae
What is Music of the Continents?
Music of the Continents is dedicated to creating beauty all around the world. We host and present instructional courses, master classes and concert events with our Choral and Symphonic musicians in great venues all over the world. Our goal is to educate and form the next generation of excellence in music.
Choral and Symphony Conductor Courses
Learn from the best!
We offer online group and individual training in developing musicianship, conducting skills and singing skills. No prior experience is necessary to begin studying with us!
Choral and Symphony Master Classes
Accelerate your expertise!
In addition to online and personal instruction, Music of the Continents periodically hosts Master Classes in choral and symphonic work. Students may come to work with a real orchestra and a real choir to hone their skills with expert musicians. This is an exclusive opportunity to hone your skills.
Concert and Performance Events
We put ourselves out there for you to see and hear.
It is not worth much if all we do is learn and learn without putting that knowledge to the test. We give performances with our singers and conductors in various locations all over the United States and even worldwide to show the results of the incredible training we give our conductors and musicians.

Music Of The Continents is sponsored by the Fund For Assistance To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.


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